Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Updates and Poetry

Okay, so we both now know that I'm horrible keeping a schedule. Sorry about that. So from now on, there will be no scheduled day for the song or anything. It'll just be a surprise! Yay for surprises! LOL But, for now, I shall leave you with a couple poems I wrote. Enjoy!  
     Also, Could you guys do me a favor? I have Instagram now! (Cool, I know.) But what I'd really love, is if you'd follow me! Tell me who you are, and I'll follow you back! This > is just taste of what I post. :)
      Oh, and yes. That is me in the background of these photos :)
Have a fantastic rest of the week and/or March Break!

1 comment:

  1. You forgot to put a link to your instagram Brooke :D
    I like surprises though!

    <3 Emma-lee