Saturday, 23 February 2013

Friday's, I mean Satuday's Pick

Yeah, I know. Emma-lee was over at my house...and I got side-tracked. But never fear! The song for you has finally come.
To hear the song, just click this link.
And, yup. This is a pretty awesome song. I love Pitch Perfect, and I thought that this was one of the best songs in the musical. :)
Have a great weekend- or what's left of it XD

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

"Likeable" Wednesdays

                                                 Hahahahahahaha THIS IS GOLDEN.
                                                  cabin nook
                                                  the Kingdom.    
And lookey here! An on time "Likeable" Wednesday. Wooow, right? Anywho, I'm getting annoyed with just these two weekly posts and I'm hoping somebody might have an idea for something else that I could add to this beautiful mess I call a blog? I tried a vlog, and it turned out great...but blogger won't let me upload D: So if you have anything, just press that comment box below. I know you want to.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Photo shoot

So, before I say anything else, I'm going to tell you that I'm really sorry for missing the last two installments. I was busy and being a teenager comes with boy troubles. To which I"m sure you all have/ will experience. But, in order to make up for my absence, I will shower you with a new photo shoot me and Emma-lee did on Valentine's Day. (Happy Valentine's Day, by the way.)
So, without further ado, our Little Red Riding Hood photo shoot:

So, what did you think? Pretty neat, huh? I like the way most of them turned out :)
Photo Credit goes to Emma-lee and the model is me. Thanks for stopping by. You are all wonderful and beautiful.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

A late Friday's Pick

I'm so sorry! I'm sorta way behind right now, but I'll give you this awesome song for the weekend.
Click here to listen to the song. If you want to read just the lyrics, you can click here. Again, I'm really sorry for not getting around to putting this up yesterday (or two days ago if you are reading this on Sunday) but I hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

A Late "Likeable Wednesday

                                                    Crochet socks 
                                                    Crocheted cowboy boots and hat...adorable.

So, here we are...late. Sorry. I was really busy Wednesday, and I couldn't actually get on long enough to even share a few photos with you. Can you believe it? Well, smile! Tomorrow is Friday :D

Friday, 1 February 2013

Fridays Pick

Click here to hear the song. To watch the music video, click here. The music video has a very James Bond-y feel to it, but the song is so just makes you want to dance. Don't you think?

 On another note, I'm going to a youth retreat this weekend, so maybe I'll do a little something on that Monday or something. Maybe :)